Being sustainable when organizing an event is much easier than you think. And the impact you can achieve for the society and the planet is huge.

Check our calendar for the monthly advice to carry out your events in a more sustainable way.

Let's all make 2022 a year with purpose together.


For your guests choose accommodation that can provide sustainable certification of follows proven sustainable policies.

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For your merchandising choose products manufactured by companies that give employment to people at risk of social inclusion.

Use biodegradable items in your caterings.

Reduce to the minimum the use of foam, forex, plastic and PVC in favour of more sustainable options like DISPA 3.8.

Give priority to renting materials for your events over the ad hoc manufacturing. Create thinking about subsequent reutilization.

Both in assembly and disassembly of your settings collect separately the produced waste.

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Always use reusable or recyclable carpets.

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If you use wood, use the one of sustainable origin (sustainable forest production).

Use sustainable cleaning products at your events. Make sure they are labelled as Eco.

For your settings use sustainable and recyclable materials like Aluvision.

In your caterings, offer zero-kilometre and fair-trade products.

ALWAYS calculate and compensate the carbon footprint of your events.

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