How to be more creative when organising an event

How to be more creative when organising an event


How to be more creative in your events is one of the recurring concerns among professionals in the sector.

We live with constant information overdose. Thousands of advertising messages fight their way in this overcharged environment to capture the minimum of our attention. Hence, creativity is extremely important when organising an event to make it outstanding and memorable. It is so, because the experiential aspect of communication, compared to traditional advertising, has become one of the few really efficient tools of differentiation for brands. We analyse more practical aspects of event organisation and management in our ultimate guide, while this article is 100% about creativity.

All in all, an event with a special touch will help you to be remembered. A memorable experience will position you in the customers’ top-of-mind and will influence their decision in the future. A visually attractive activation will give you publicity in the social media. In conclusion, being creative when organizing an event is one of, if not the most important, keys to success.


“A memorable experience will position you in the top-of-mind of the public"

In the advertising slang of the early 2000’s there was an expression, ‘to break through the clutter’, meaning something like ‘to make an effort to stand out from the grey mass’. So, in these new roaring 20’s, it’s still a hot topic, especially in experiential marketing.

Customer experience at an event, above all

The first tip is the most obvious, but still. The event you’re organising is not about you, at least not directly and openly, it’s about offering an experience to your customers. A surprising, motivating, inspiring experience that should arise positive emotions and cravings for more. So, thinking of creative solutions from this perspective, you will discover a range of ideas much wider, than if you were only driven by your commercial goals.

The creativity should serve your purposes

This one may seem obvious, too. But not always and not for everyone. So, the tip here is to make crystal clear what you want to do, in the first place. And only after that you can think of how you want to achieve that. It’s very easy to get mesmerised by a very creative and cheeky execution and want to go for it. However, if it lacks a solid message behind or is not aligned with the values of your brand or product, it can even work against you.


To be creative, search for inspiration in best practices

Trends are in the air. The ideas have no expiry date. They are just there. So, it’s the matter of coming up with the most suitable solution for your case, which means that somebody could have actually done already something similar. It’s ok. Being honest and giving an idea a personal twist and touch, you will certainly create something unique, great, and memorable. Besides, searching for inspiration in the best practices is the best way to grow.

Interaction, interaction, interaction

Participation considerably increases memorability, and hence the efficiency of any event. That is why, use all of your imagination and creativity to come up with new and original ways of interaction with your brand or product, from the most analogical and traditional, to the most techie and futurist.

Collaborations enhance your events

Restoring to the talent and expertise of a famous person is quite common. And in our case, fame doesn’t mean magazine covers, prime-time interviews, and millions of followers. What really matters, is that this talent and/or expertise be relevant for your target audience and light a spark with them. So, open your mind to the idea of collaboration with an opinion leader, artist, or expert (or all in one) that would better embody the messages and values you want to communicate. Collaboration can acquire multiple shapes and forms, from the convo in social media, to any kind of exclusive legacy created ad hoc, or live interaction during the event itself.   

"Use the expertise of a person of recognized fame who is relevant to your audience and connects with them"

Try to be visually attractive

Nos guste o no, somos Homo Conexus, ya que vivimos con el móvil pegado a la mano. El visor de nuestra cámara es esta ventana

Like or not, we are Homo Conexus, as we live with the smartphone glued to our hands. Its camara is our magical window to discover, explore, and catalogue the world around us. In other words, we interact with the environment by means of pictures and videos. So, you better take care about the visual aspects of your event. The more visually enticing and instagrammable it is, the greater will be the impact of all the photo and video material generated by the participants in the social media, with zero effort from your side. Free publicity. What else can you ask for!?

And remember, creativity has no expiry date. any ide. Your ideas still have value, as even if they are not not suitable this time, they can still work in the future. Any idea is worth it, if it makes you stand out.

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