Ideas to organize your Christmas event

Ideas to organize your Christmas event


The Christmas season is approaching and with it the preparations for the long-awaited end-of-year events. Two years are left in which Christmas corporate events have not taken place and, if they have, they have taken place thematically. This Christmas of 2021 becomes a key to mark the end of one stage, the beginning of another and to instil positivism in employees and customers. We bring you several tips and ideas to organize your Christmas event and make it unforgettable.

Get organized in advance

Organizing a Christmas event takes a lot of time. Keep in mind that a multitude of events take place at the same time, and it is important to anticipate making sure and reserve certain services, such as location, for example. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule meetings with your team as soon as possible and start working on the preparation.

Be creative when organizing your Christmas event

Not everything is organization. Christmas events, due to their special meaning, require an additional point of creativity. The expectation before them is very high and it is necessary to make an extra effort of creativity to surprise the guests. Creativity must be present in the entire process of the event: from the space, the food, the decoration, or the activities planned in it.

Choose differential spaces

One of the key elements in any Christmas event is location. Choosing a differential space is essential to create an attractive event. The pandemic has made open environments and those in contact with nature the most sought after. Maybe it's time to take a tour of the location of your Christmas event and do it in a different place. A day in the middle of nature with different assemblies for fun activities or the assembly of a Christmas market in a public square, can be an ideal option to surprise your guests.

Healthy Christmas food

Now we are more aware than ever of the importance of a good diet and how it influences well-being. What if we reduce the copious Christmas food proposals and include a healthy proposal in our event?


Hot and cold drinks station

If it is about conquering your guests, the drinks could not be absent. A beverage station that alternates hot drinks typical of the time such as hot chocolate or spiced wine with typical Christmas cocktails is ideal to make your attendees feel the taste of Christmas.

Solidarity component

Why not include a solidarity component to your event? The pandemic has made us more aware and empathetic with the world. What if you ask each guest to bring a toy that they do not use to donate to an NGO or do a small raffle for merchandising carried out by an association? Also, you can propose donations to the assistants of items from your pantry to deliver them to food banks.

In the Christmas decoration: Less is more

Forget about big decorations and glitz at your Christmas parties. Focus on a decorating style and promote minimalism. Christmas can be represented in different shapes and colours. Establish a colour palette with the design team that represents the season very well and matches perfectly with the colours and design of the brand. With this you can know how to guide the decoration of your event in addition to focusing on small Christmas decorations, not many, that look and fit the idea you have.

Surely the attendees will remember the difficult moments that have just been experienced and this will encourage help, in addition to having a time of gratitude and collaboration within the event.


Don't forget about the digital proposal when organizing your Christmas event

Presence is back, but let's not put aside the digital component. If there are employees or clients who cannot attend your event in person, make it easy for them to do so online. Prepare for them dynamizations in the online medium that make them feel part of the party.

Virtual shows have been well accepted globally and hybrid events, today, are the answer to bring your events to more attendees. Do not forget to plan that includes those who cannot or do not want to attend due to covid or other issues.

The environment: present at your party

What if you offset the carbon footprint generated by your event to limit the effect on the environment? Sustainability in its environmental aspect is something very necessary and people are increasingly aware of it.

Do not forget to use recyclable elements in your decoration and for the utensils of the meals. Try to minimize the use of plastics.

Surely there are local companies dedicated to the production of recyclable products such as agendas, bags, Christmas hats, etc., organize with them that they are part of your event and generate business and local cooperation.

When lighting your event, try to use led light, which is an efficient use of energy. Take advantage of those occasions when you can take advantage of the natural light of the space.



Some ideas for the organization of your Christmas event

We leave you here a few inspiring ideas for your Christmas party.

Christmas tree with gifts

Something that characterizes the Christmas season, without a doubt, are gifts. Therefore, something that you can "reinvent", to give that "plus" to your event, is the Christmas tree, but with surprise gifts for your guests, discounts on their purchases or merchandise of your brand. A sure hit to create dynamism in the event.

Ice rink for shows, presentations and parties

What if you hold your Christmas event on an ice rink? You can use it to present a product that you plan to launch at this time or carry out activities and shows for your attendees, as well as allowing them to use it at the time of the party. You can assemble it yourself or you can rent it. The options are endless.

Snowballs with your brand and star products

If there is one of the elements that characterizes Christmas, it is snowballs. These can serve you, either as a showcase for your star products, or as a photography set for your attendees to take selfies and viralize the content on their social media.


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