Audiovisuals & Multimedia

Audiovisuals & Multimedia

Our extensive AudioVisual equipment offers technical possibilities for lighting, sound, video and generate all kinds of events and shows. We will provide you with materials of last generation and in constant renovation and revision. Our technical management analyzes all the factors of adaptation for the type of event or congress with respect to the type of room, auditorium or theater, offering an integral service that includes specialized technicians, management and production of content. Streaming, recording, editing and postproduction services.

Development of multimedia applications, web pages, interactive games and virtual reality.

Sound for Events and Congresses

Sounding of spaces, amplification and microphones

We have the latest technology in equipment and the most qualified personnel in the sector, specialized in events and conferences, which allows us to quickly adapt to the rooms and auditoriums, giving the best solution according to space, audience and acoustics. We provide sound systems for hotel rooms, concerts or open-air events with Line Array. We have all types of microphones, for singers and instruments, lectern microphones, conference with simultaneous translation system, wireless microphones, intercom with in-ears… During your conference we’ll assist you with microphones and table technicians. For us, the rental service of sound equipment is associated with the attention of our experienced technicians who ensure success. All in PA, speakers, monitors, signal processing systems, mixing and equalization. We advise on the needs and possibilities of the room as we offer a technical direction capable of managing and interceding with room technicians or maintenance personnel to ensure installation. We are also very used to dealing with press and media, so we provide the signal through a dam rack and even streaming. ​​

Lighting for Events

Show and general lighting

We provide show lighting with the latest technological developments for any event, tour or festival. It is a cutting-edge equipment that allows the creation of really impressive environments and scenarios. We have acquired LED technology for our spotlights for their reliability, versatility and for their evident energy savings. We have robotic lighting, spectacular effects, moving heads, scanners and a wide variety of dimmers, DMX controllers and tables, battery and wireless spotlights … We illuminated auditoriums and stages to be recorded in video, we highlighted decorative elements, facades of buildings with swimsuits, logos projection through gobo … and of course the general lighting and electricity in fairgrounds, tents and hotel rooms.

Video for Events

Cameras, realization, edition

We cover all video needs for events and congresses. We offer audiovisual equipment, operators and technical direction. Cameras, processors, mixers, video distribution, recording, editing, postproduction, streaming … We plan all the details analyzing the needs according to a schedule that reflects the relevant information on schedules, speakers and staging. We produce the videos and presentations and the way they interact with the audience. The choice of the right audiovisual equipment is vital to meet the needs and provide spectacularity and identity to the event. This is achieved through a hierarchized human deployment in the figure of a filmmaker with subordinate cameras and table technicians. With a greater or lesser deployment of technical means depending on the size of audience or idiosyncrasy. A closed video circuit to display on a large format screen is equally valid for a live broadcast on video streaming platforms. We can broadcast the event carried out, with posters, degrees, several audio signals for multi-language, interventions of non-presential video lecturers…

Technical Management and Event Management

Experienced and qualified professionals so that everything goes perfect

Our service of technical direction and management of events and conferences is guaranteed, by the experience and qualification of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in direct, both in the field of events, music, television and theater. Your professionalism ensures that your event will run smoothly and adapt the performance to the characteristics of each act. We have technology in constant renewal, with which we achieve optimal results. Experts in the management or generation of content. Integrating your presentations and videos in process and mixing systems that allow us to give spectacularity to your act. We offer stage manager, microfonist, table technicians in audio, video and lights, camera operators, alderman, PowerPoint and KeyNote designers, video editing and postproduction. We understand all the effort required by the congress organizer so everything goes well. Our clients must attend to their speakers and assistants and act as host. We facilitate these tasks by advising and taking an active part so that you can make the right decisions.

Delegate to us issues such as: decide on acoustics of the room, sound power, coverage, video formats, signaling, solutions for installation of large format screens, needs of musicians for live, stage management … you know your sector and your business, we help you in ours. We know that there is too much technical terminology, equipment, software and guild jargon that can impress. We offer this service of advice and management so that you know all the functional and creative possibilities making the process of preproduction easier.

Simultaneous Translation for Congresses

Cabins and broadcast and reception equipment for translation

The congresses with international assistants need a reliable and effective simultaneous translation service, covering all the important languages ​​and also those that are not so usual. This is the service we offer and that we have provided in different conclaves organized and managed together with institutions or brands of the greatest relevance. We install the booths for the translators and use fully solvent emission and reception technology so that the assistants receive the translation with total clarity.

Streaming for Events and Congresses

Create audience for your event

If there is a clear trend in events, which is increasingly imposed, is the transmission of them through streaming on social networks, websites and other online media. It is a way to make the potential audience of an event multiply exponentially, because it breaks the limitation of the space to open it to any person who has a device with which to attend live from anywhere in the world. Likewise, it allows recording so that the event is available at any time for those who want to see it.

Large Size Screens

Latest generation technology in large format screens

Few events currently dispense large-format screens, video wall or LED wall. They are very colorful elements that generate spectacular effects, opening, as is evident, a huge range of possibilities when communicating through video and other audiovisual resources. We provide the installation on a rental basis of large format LED screens, a technology in which we are constantly renewing our equipment to offer the most advanced in the market. By the way in which this type of screens is mounted, incredible shapes and configurations can be achieved. You can hang them from a truss, leave them on the floor or use them as a whole wall of a stand or have the shape that best fits your design… We also install projection screens that can hang truss or Aluvision, in a frame of wood or embedded in almost any type of assembly. To fill them with images we have projectors of up to 40,000 and the possibility of blending, that is, joining several projectors, achieving really surprising resolution and projection sizes.

Multimedia applications

Inform and entertain interactively

Multimedia applications for events are tools, nowadays, that can not be ignored to make more participative events, fairs or congresses. We develop applications, interactive designs, games and digital marketing actions to relate with users and consumers. Created to achieve the maximum impact and to awaken the interest of those attending the event, helping in the capture and viralization of promotional actions and experiential marketing. Creation of Apps and desktop applications that allow us to create interactive installations where through the use of graphics and interfaces we create augmented reality experiences, holograms and games. We use the use of microcontrollers, sensors and artificial vision systems so that human interaction is performed with gestures and movements, generating unique sensations of control by the user.