Interihotel 2023

Trade Show
trade show
Inspiration and maximum attention to detail. Working for Interihotel is always a challenge since it requires creating and producing with interior designers in order to transform their inspirations into reality.

8 feature areas, auditoriums and 3 concept rooms as well as the management of over 170 stands. The work on this trade fair is a colossal task.

This year it was also celebrated in a space intimately linked to design: the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB). The fact that it is an interior design event posed an added difficulty since it required working hand in hand with interior designers, which entails the ability to interpret inspiring concepts and the skill to make them come true in the way they have been conceived. For this trade fair, the 4foreverything agency has sought creative solutions not only at the construction level but new materials and finishes that had never been used before. The professional demands are very high but each edition manages to satisfy the expectations of all exhibitors and the organisers themselves.