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5 caterings for your next corporate event

5 caterings for your next corporate event

Food is, perhaps, one of the most critical elements of an event that often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves from the organizers. The choice of catering can either enhance or completely ruin the impression of the attendees. It may not always be of the utmost priority or importance, but it’s definitely a highly visible stroke on the canvas of our event. That’s why we must always keep in mind that a positive impression of our brand often hinges on the palate of our guests. Yes, today we bring you the 5 caterings you should consider for your next corporate event.

Jubany Events

This option is ideal to add a touch of chic and glamour, if this is what you seek for your brand. It’s the personal endeavor of a renowned chef, Nandu Jubany, and his team. Together they have been bringing the gastronomy of Can Jubany to events and celebrations since 2001. It’s one of the best in class catering services in terms of product quality. It also offers a philosophy that combines knowledge of traditional recipes and culinary origins with a passion for experimentation and modern approaches. While their aim is to make guests feel at home wherever they go, they also have three very fancy and exclusive spaces for hosting events.

5 caterings for your next corporate event

Food & Mambo

Authentic crossover in corporate hospitality business. This company turns pleasures into passions, extracts emotions from flavors, and relies on intuition with a dash of neuromarketing to create the best gastronomic and multi-sensorial experiences. Awarded multiple times at the Eventoplus Awards, the Food & Mambo team crafts gastronomy in service of communication. They collaborate with such prestigious brands as F1 Experience and MWC, and serve as the official provider for the MotoGP VIP Village™ at the European MotoGP™ Circuit. Furthermore, they create artistic setups tailored to each event that naturally and impressively complement the site decor.


Reinterpreting Bruce Lee’s famous motto ‘Be water, my friend’ in the form of the hashtag #BeFoodMyFriend, Blanca Budois, the founder of Aguacatte catering, has started this adventure and has become quite successful since then. It is undoubtedly one of the 5 caterings you should consider for your next corporate event for many reasons. Among them, for example, the fact that Blanca is the author of a popular recipe book. Or Blanca’s passion for fashion, art, and travel, which are reflected in her creations. But perhaps the main reason is the utmost attention to detail and such a carefully crafted presentation that your guests will be amazed.

5 caterings for your next corporate event

21deMarzo ‘Plant Based

The 21deMarzo catering service is already a well-known brand in the industry. They position themselves as a company adapted to the changing times, new family models, and the modern concept of leisure and celebration to create unique gastronomic experiences. However, in this case, we would like to highlight their “plant based” line. Maybe the inspiration comes from their own name. Let’s remember that March 21st is celebrated as the International Day of the Tree. Nevertheless, with this business branch, they aim to recreate the same experience that 21deMarzo offers, but crafted entirely with plant-based products, challenging market stereotypes and providing a more sustainable and original alternative.

crea_tasting lab

The most conceptual option in our top-5. If you’re looking for your event not only to be complemented by a unique and creative gastronomic experience, but also to have a storytelling aligned with your brand and its objectives, we recommend taking a look at their website. The team of this catering follows their own methodology. It’s very similar to the design of an advertising campaign used in the agencies, approaching each event as something unique and completely personalized. They design gastronomic interactions filled with fun experiences and peculiar sensations that achieve the effect of total immersion.

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