Technological tools to organize your event

Technological tools to organize your event

Events are of great strategic importance for companies. In this sense, the way they are organized has a direct impact on the perception of their image. When organizing an event, there are various technological tools that help facilitate the work of organization, making the management of the company and the guests easier.

The technological tools for organizing events have great importance from the planning point of view and, also, from the point of view of the on-site management of events, relieving stress and achieving exhaustive control of everything that happens. Next, we will see some very useful technological tools according to the objectives of each case.

Ticket sales tool

These are tools aimed at publicizing your event. One of the most important is Eventbrite. Eventbrite is an international events and self-service platform that allows you to create, search, share and participate in different events and activities. It is a platform that includes an App for organizers, as well as access control, accreditation system, data, reports, RDIF technology, among other things.

Registration tool

When looking for tools for organizing events, proper registration is key to generating significant savings in queues and long processes. A tool par excellence in this regard is Meetmaps. We are talking in this case of an event management software for both face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events. The software works for all types of events and sectors, from congresses to trade shows, conferences, B2B events and webinars.

In the case of face-to-face events, Meetmaps facilitates the management of each of their stages. For hybrid events, it also allows you to reach a much wider audience with various interaction features to generate engagement. And, in virtual events, it offers different digital possibilities to bring together attendees from all over the world, generating an immersive experience.

All-in-one tool

In this case, we are referring particularly to tools that will allow you to manage all the phases of your events. From technical secretariat to transfer management, the operation of a virtual room or interaction, among other things.

Digivents appears, in this sense, as a tool par excellence. It is a platform oriented to the management of face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events using the most modern technologies for an easy, practical, and secure organization of different types of events. It allows the management of technical secretariat, Native App and Virtual Room in all phases of the event from a single platform. Increase engagement and networking among attendees, also providing complete statistics both before, during and after the event.

Tool for simultaneous translation

In international events, simultaneous translation is the key to success. In this regard, Olyusei is a company specialized in simultaneous interpretation technological services, a commitment to technology applied to translation services. The tool was conceived particularly by interpreters, becoming a comprehensive service that works as a bridge to bring professional simultaneous interpretation closer to the digital tools available today. It is a flexible system adaptable to various scenarios that continues to evolve to expand its possibilities.

Tool for face-to-face interactive voting

What is sought in these cases is to achieve real-time information from the attendees and instant results. For this, a tool par excellence is Custom Vote. It is an electronic voting system that allows you to have information about a certain group of people who have received questions and create game dynamics, in real time.

It is used especially in congresses, seminars, and other environments. Not only does it allow you to have feedback from those attending an event, but also to have clear and accurate graphics of information to be analysed and studied much more quickly and effectively. Its operation is simple, requiring only the delivery of a command to the attendees, thus achieving that the interactive system is integrated into the PowerPoint presentation that is being carried out.

Tool for event security

Considering the context of a pandemic, having tools to control crowds is essential for the organization of safe events. In this sense, Carttec is a tool that allows correct data management in different types of events, being able to obtain relevant information on the behaviour of attendees. It is particularly key for safety in spaces that are susceptible to crowds, to be able to do a complete control of capacity and social distance. This is done through capacity control cameras that count the number of people entering or leaving the premises, while controlling body temperature through specialized cameras for this.

Tool to organize live interactive websites

For this function, there are tools specially designed to take work meetings one step further, through the integration of web, audio, and videoconferencing in a simple way. A platform par excellence for this is BlueJeans, which seeks to make online meetings quick and easy to use, so that each person can carry out their task in a productive way from where they are. What it seeks, in short, is to create the necessary conditions to change the way people come together.

Tool to streamline events

Finally, in this case, we are talking about tools that seek to encourage participation in event spaces. For this, Visionteractive proposes, through social networks and digital content, to viralize events or physical actions through photo booths or vending machines. What is sought is to interact with the attendees of an event in a different and entertaining way. For this, it offers various solutions that seek to ensure said participation by telling the event through social profiles.

The tools for organizing events mentioned above represent technological solutions that have transformed the way of understanding and organizing all kinds of events. These are innovative platforms applicable to events of different kinds and for all sectors. Your application will generate safer, more effective, and higher quality events.


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