Experiential Marketing applied to employee conventions

Experiential Marketing applied to employee conventions

Have you ever had to go to a business convention and found it a tough time, with endless presentations and lectures? Or on the contrary, have you been immersed in interactive activities, exciting workshops and challenges that made you leave wanting more? 

Corporate conventions do not need to be boring. Imagine going to an event where, instead of sitting in a room and listening to somebody talk for hours, you participate in an event, collaborating with your coworkers and learning in a fun and dynamic way. This kind of experiences not only make time fly by, but also leave a positive and lasting mark in every participant.  

And that, precisely, is what experiential marketing looks for: transforming these boring corporate events into memorable experiences, which connect employees emotionally with the company and its culture. It is about going the extra mile and creating an environment where employees feel valued, motivated and committed to their work. 


Experiential marketing is not only focused on entertainment; it also seeks to foster a sense of belonging and community. By engaging employees in activities that reflect the company's mission, corporate identity is reinforced and a sense of belonging is created. This not only improves morale, but can also lead to greater innovation and collaboration within the team. 


How to apply it in employee conventions? 

The key to experiential marketing at employee conventions is to make every moment meaningful and relevant to all participants. For example, we could include dynamics that simulate real-world challenges, creative workshops where employees can innovate and collaborate, or even interactive games that promote team problem solving.  


To make the event experience even more enriching, we can also leverage technology platforms that simplify the organization of the event and provide a way to share relevant information about the event in real time.  


An example could be employees being able to access up-to-date schedules, details about scheduled activities and interactive maps of the venue during the event. In addition, these platforms create virtual spaces where employees can connect, exchange ideas and continue conversations even after the event and can even be used to create gaming activations among attendees. 


At international conventions or with participants from different locations, tools such as LiveVoice can be very useful. It offers smartphone-based simultaneous interpretation services, allowing real-time translations in an unlimited number of languages, only requiring an internet connection. 


Other useful tools can be those that allow the audience to vote, rate or answer multiple-choice questions from their phones. Speakers can launch polls on the spot, promoting an interactive session and allowing them to adapt their presentations based on the audience's response. As a mobile app, both face-to-face and virtual attendees can easily participate. 


Why is it important to apply experiential marketing? 

When employees feel emotionally connected and valued, their productivity and loyalty increase. In addition, they are happier and that is reflected in the work environment. Memorable experiences create a stronger bond between employees and the company, which is vital for a strong corporate culture. 


In conclusion, opting for experiential marketing at employee conventions is a very positive investment. By creating interactive and dynamic events and using innovative tools, employee engagement and connection with the company is strengthened. This improves productivity, fosters collaboration among colleagues and stimulates creativity. 

Nurture your company's greatest asset at your next employee convention.

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