Stands for exhibitions and events: create unique experiences

Participating in commercial exhibitions and events is an excellent opportunity to connect with potential clients and establish lasting relationships. However, how can you make sure that your stand sticks out from other competitors? 


Here are some key strategies to create memorable experiences and attract visitors to your stand: 


1. Attractive and functional design 

The design of your stand is crucial to capture the attention of visitors. An attractive and functional design ca make the difference between a visitor that approaches tour stand and another one who passes by. Play with colours, shapes and innovative, but always keeping coherence with your brand image. 


Also, don't forget functionality: create easily accessible spaces for everyone. 


2. Fun and interactive activities 

Interactive activities are an excellent way to engage visitors. You can choose games, virtual reality applications, quizzes, product demos, etc. What is important is that the activities are related to your business and are attractive to your target audience. These experiences not only capture the attention, but also enable a deeper connection with your brand. 


3. Kind and competent staff 

The staff at your stand is the face of your company during the event. Make sure they are competent and knowledgeable about your products and services. They also should be kind and approachable, able to connect with your visitors and make them feel welcome. A smile and a positive attitude can go a long way in attracting and retaining visitors! 


4. Small details make the difference 

Small details can turn an ordinary experience into something unforgettable. Offer useful and personalised merchandising, such as pens, notebooks, USBs or tote bags with your logo. You can also offer drinks and snacks to your visitors, or event create a space to rest and charge electronic devices. These details show that you care about the comfort and satisfactions for your visitors.  


5. Using technology to stand out 

Technology can be a powerful tool to stand out in exhibitions and events. Use technologies such as virtual reality to teleport your users to any real or imaginary space, or the augmented reality to showcase products that aren’t physically in the stand. Holograms, 3D videos and interactive screens can also create unique and memorable experiences that capture the curiosity and the interest of the visitors. 


6. Effective communication before and after the event

Don't underestimate the power of pre- and post-event communication. Use your social media, blog and mailing list to announce your participation in the exhibition and the activities you will have at your stand. After the event, send a thank you email, connect with new contacts on LinkedIn and keep the conversation alive. This follow-up can transform initial encounters into lasting business relationships. 


7. Design your booth responsibly

When designing your stand, think about how to minimize the footprint you will generate with it. Choose materials wisely, prioritizing reusable materials or environmentally friendly compositions (recycled and recyclable). Organize efficient logistics by planning routes well. Design thinking of those elements that can be transformed into new ones to avoid waste generation as much as possible.  



Standing out at exhibitions and events requires creativity, planning and attention to detail. An attractive stand, interactive activities, competent staff and small, carefully thought-out details can make a big difference. Technology is also critical to creating memorable experiences and standing out from the competition. Participating in these events is crucial to gain visibility, but if you really want to attract potential customers and strengthen your market presence, you should apply these tips. 

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