Street Marketing: how to organize a successful event

Street Marketing: how to organize a successful event

When organizing an event, there are numerous formats to carry it out. One of them is Street Marketing, a trend that has been gaining importance over time.

Street Marketing consists of a set of communication techniques and strategies that are carried out in a public space with the aim of surprising and interacting with the target in a direct way. Currently, there are many ways to apply Street Marketing and its use has evolved considerably over the years. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Street Marketing and how you need to communicate your brand on the street by organizing a successful event.


What is Street Marketing?

Street Marketing encompasses all promotional actions carried out in public spaces. However, these are actions that are not usually conventional. What these techniques seek is to draw the attention of the passer-by to what is being promoted, to generate a greater impact and gain visibility.

Considering that the main objective of these strategies is to interact with the audience in an environment that is familiar to them, the actions that are carried out are characterized by being highly visual and participatory. In addition, it is common to choose to play with the surprise factor, connecting with people's emotions.


The advantages of street marketing

Following what was mentioned above, we can highlight different advantages of Street Marketing. The most important ones are:


Street Marketing seeks to generate notoriety through public thoroughfare expressions, entering spaces that are common for people. In this way, a brand can achieve visibility through striking actions in the spaces through which the target audience circulates.

Adjustment to all types of budgets

Today, there are different ways to apply Street Marketing. From ingenious signs at bus stops to large installation works placed in strategic places. This makes them strategies capable of adapting to all types of budgets.

Direct experience with the audience

By generating a form of advertising that is in the spaces through which people circulate, an experience of direct contact with the audience is generated. It's an effective way to get your attention and fit into your daily life.

Media content creation

Finally, Street Marketing has the benefit of creating content that can then be exploited in other media. Social networks, the media, among other platforms, are spaces of excellence to spread the action that has been carried out.


What are the objectives of Street Marketing?

When choosing Street Marketing as a format for organizing an event, one of its main objectives must be clear, which is to gain notoriety through an effective means. Basically, what these strategies seek is to generate noise, provoke something that attracts attention, appealing to the greatest creativity. It is a way of surprising the public you want to reach, using real-world media.

It is through the surprise, the impact of the message, that two things can be achieved. On the one hand, it manages to create a memory that is difficult to erase in the minds of the people who have come across that expression. On the other hand, it is possible to capture the attention of the media, influencers, as well as reach the users' social networks.

But, in addition, we can highlight as an objective of Street Marketing the construction of engagement through interaction with the public. This type of marketing allows more people to get to know not only the brand, but also its personality. In other words, it is a way of telling users how a brand thinks, acts and what it is looking for in an interactive way. Thus, a real, direct contact with people is achieved.


Types of street marketing events

Street Marketing can be one of the best ways to promote an event. Being a set of strategies with a disruptive and profoundly creative approach carried out in a public space, it allows not only to publicize the product, brand or service being promoted, but also provokes an interest on the part of the audience in interacting with the mark and participate in the event. Next, we are going to see some of the most common types of Street Marketing:


When we talk about exposure, we are referring to one of the most conventional forms of Street Marketing: posters. It is the closest form to conventional advertising and, if it is planned well, it can also have a great impact in capturing the interest of the audience through the message or the way of expressing it.


Creation is understood as the type of Street Marketing where the public is encouraged to create and participate in the message, awakening an interest in it and involving it in what happens.


Experimentation refers to event promotion campaigns that use new technologies, turning them into the center of the action. Immersive experiences are included here, for example.


These campaigns are perfect for events that seek to raise awareness of a situation or need. It is especially applied in events that seek to create an opinion or highlight a situation that is marginalized from public debate.


Finally, another of the types of Street Marketing that we want to mention refers to alteration. These are the actions, whose impact is based on altering part of the furniture or the urban landscape. This includes messages painted on pedestrian crossings, the decoration of stations or subway cars, all those elements that incorporate something new or "strange" in the city and that, therefore, attract attention.


Tips for organizing a successful Street Marketing event

To conclude, we want to provide some tips to keep in mind to organize a successful Street Marketing event. The most important are:

  • Define the target, since this will define the most suitable space for you to be with your action.
  • Think of a creative idea that has a high experimental component.
  • Seeks to generate the surprise factor for the public.
  • Strengthen your event and its attendance by contracting an outdoor advertising circuit.
  • Plan in detail the different aspects of the event.
  • The action goes viral on social networks and the media.

Street Marketing can be a very powerful tool for your company. At 4foreverything we will take care of taking your brand to the streets to bring it closer to the target audience, gain visibility and improve engagement through relevant experiences.

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