The importance of logistics in events

The importance of logistics in events

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Logistics is a fundamental element for the success of an event. It is responsible for providing support throughout its preparation and during its execution. He intervenes in different stages of the development and planning of the event so that everything works like a gear. In this article we will talk about the importance of logistics in events.


What should be considered in event logistics?

When we refer to event logistics, we are referring to a specialty that encompasses everything from storage to material preparation and efficient transportation of both people and goods. All this, to achieve the success of the event. In this sense, there are certain things that must be considered. We analyze some of them.


The storage

One of the main areas of application of logistics has to do with storage spaces. In a sector such as events, in which large amounts of materials are handled, it is necessary to have an organized warehouse where an exhaustive control of the stock can be had.

It is very important to know the traceability of all materials, which includes, not only its availability, but also a quality control of its state to know if it is necessary to take certain actions such as substitutions or repairs.


Freight transport

The transport of goods is one of the main tasks included in logistics. For the transport to be carried out properly, it is essential to carry out a good and detailed planning in which both the own production times and the times of the suppliers are considered, since this will avoid untimely delivery problems.

Good logistics at events should be oriented towards optimizing transport, valuing those options with greater flexibility and that allow us a greater capacity to adapt to the continuous changes and unforeseen events that we face at events. In addition, you must bet on transport that can be ecological, such as hybrid and electric vehicles.

Another important issue in logistics is the correct preparation of materials to prevent them from being damaged during transport. Just as necessary is the correct marking of the same to avoid confusion at the time of delivery and thus facilitate agility in assembly.

Another aspect that must be considered regarding transport is the need to ensure ease in unloading materials, anticipating possible difficulties such as access and limited hours.

For its correct operation, transport logistics needs a detailed schedule. This will allow knowing in detail what must be always done, as well as having a clear calculation of the times for each task and a clear vision of deadlines and tasks to be fulfilled.


Transportation of people

This also implies planning to guarantee the availability of accommodation and the transport of the teams. When choosing accommodation for the staff, we must look at criteria such as proximity or good connection with the event space, to avoid unnecessary additional transport and greater comfort for the workers involved in the event. In addition, with a gesture such as the reduction of transport to the event space, we also contribute to a reduction in our carbon footprint.

Regarding transport for the team, we will always bet on less polluting transport such as public transport (train, for example) and in the case of having to use vehicles, ecological alternatives (electric or hybrid) will be chosen.

In accordance with the event logistics to be adequate, planning, monitoring, evaluation and control of compliance with the objectives of each particular event is necessary. This is what will allow identifying the steps to follow, as well as paying attention and correcting possible deviations that may occur in the future.

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