Chanel Christmas campaign presentation

Street marketing
Virtual Reality
Experiential space
The Christmas campaign is one the most important milestones for major fashion firms. To celebrate its presentation, a training school in Madrid was transformed into an experiential space where the essence of the campaign was experienced from the inside.

To remove Chanel from the shop window and bring the brand closer to the sales force and the marketing team. With this goal, the 4foreverything agency transformed the brand’s training space in the capital city, converting it into a place where the Chanel spirit could be experienced in different settings.

The rooms, entrances and hallways were completely redesigned to create different immersive environments: Le Lab’, with nature as inspiration; L’Atelier, a sensory experience of the brand; Le Coco Club, an entertaining cabaret with a wealth of details to experiment with Chanel’s exclusive cosmetics.

To make the presentation even more immersive, the exclusive Virtual Reality software from 4foreverything (VR Angel) was used to create a group VR experience by interacting with the brand and making it possible for all the participants to share the moment.