What are we doing for Sustainability?

Sustainability is one of 4foreverything’s strategic cornerstones. We put in place specific measures and investment to lessen our impact on the planet and we also help our clients to make their events more sustainable.

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Our services include advice and consultancy to our clients to run events under sustainability principles anchored in the United Nations SDGs.

We design the journey of your event to make it sustainable, we calculate your event’s carbon footprint and we help you offset it under our agreements with specialised associations in the industry.

Ask us for advice on how to make your event sustainable

We are certified Eventsost Premium as a sustainable events company owing to our sustainable event design and production management system

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Water-based inks eliminate all hazards for printers.

Zero generation of waste, toxic odours and volatile organic compounds. Minimal environmental impact


The Aluvision system’s construction advantages are as important as the ones flowing from its sustainable design. It is stored and transported making the most of the space which reduces CO2 emissions. It shortens assembly time leading to lower energy expenditure. It is reusable which ensures more rational and sustainable use

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Besides the above measures, at 4foreverything we also have a sustainability policy in place for various aspects of the everyday operations of our facilities and assemblies which are set out in the following points

Separation and sorting of waste generated in our workshops and offices

Using electric forklifts in our assemblies

Emission reduction and CO2 offsetting

Using a hybrid vehicle for employees

Using low consumption LED lamps in offices and workshops

Plan to install solar panels to power our facilities

Training on resource recycling and reuse for employees


At 4foreverything we are kicking off 2020 with an initiative called 4foreveryone in which we are going to run a number of schemes aimed at fully integrating our company in the community where our facilities are. We have a number of measures planned for this year involving donating materials and furniture to hospitals, nursing homes and cultural venues in the area along with other initiatives in the pipeline.

This commitment will be expanded in the coming years.