Volvo Zero emissions

Corporate event
Stage design
Audiovisual Producction
Presenting Volvo Trucks' sustainable commitment to decarbonization required organizing an event that matched the ambition of the goal and the scale of the vehicles.

Introducing a decarbonization program aimed at achieving zero emissions in the medium and long term is a project of great significance. Besides, it faced the logistical challenge of finding the ideal venue suitable both for carrying out the presentation and showcasing electric trucks.

This was the challenge we were presented with, organizing an event where the focus would be both on the message and the displayed vehicles, considering that the latter were of considerable size.

The Satellite Pavilion in Casa de Campo was chosen as a venue. Its industrial look and feel, great capacity to accommodate the vehicles, and minimal decoration allowed us to create subtle ambiances focused on highlighting what truly mattered.

The result was a 2-day event in a mesmerizing space, where the minimalist stage design contrasted with impressive projections on the walls, ceilings, and vehicles themselves. Presentations, roundtable discussions, and keynote speeches, along with a gala dinner, highlighted Volvo's sustainable proposal for more than 200 attendees, including dealers and workshops, media, sales representatives, and internal staff.