Event catering: how to connect with the audience

We live surrounded by codes and symbols that communicate. Some systems, such as language or graphic and interior design, we handle perfectly. There are others like for example scent marketing, we have not yet fully mastered. But we're working on it. And gastronomy is one of these code systems that, when handled with knowledge, can become a powerful marketing tool for a brand. That's why our topic today is once again event catering or how to connect with the audience through gastronomy.


And again, we never get tired of repeating that there are no recipes for guaranteed success. Each case is unique and must be managed according to its peculiarities and circumstances. And yet, we will try to offer you a list of generic tips that, as an event organizer, you should take into account when designing a unique gastro experience for your audience.


Get inspired


First and foremost, seek references both of events with outstanding catering, and of catering companies with a unique offering. The size of the event or the segment and type of provider don't matter. Inspiration can come from any detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem at first. From there, it's just a matter of conducting a thorough analysis and matching the sensations you want to convey with your event to the offering you have found. But there's one more thing, not decisive, but certainly worth considering, which brings us to the next point...


Analyze your audience


The bad news is that we all have different tastes. The good news is that as a brand you don't have to satisfy everyone's taste 100% with the catering you offer. It's a matter of balance between the values you need to convey through flavors and an aesthetic that best aligns with the concept of your event and the general tastes of the audience.


And by concept in this case, we mean the overall effect you intend to create. Modernity or tradition? Simplicity or complexity? Perhaps, some international or regional flair? All these details add distinctive nuances to the final experience that can make your event even more memorable.


And if you're wary of too much gastronomic experimentation, you can always introduce safe classic options from the national cuisine into the catering that have worked, work, and fortunately, will work forever. Because everybody likes them.


Choose the correct format


Here we refer to something quite obvious, that sometimes becomes a source of beginner mistakes difficult to explain. It's the format of the catering. Seated or standing, plated or canapés, self-service or table service...? Or perhaps, a food truck? To choose the right format, you always have to consider the pace of the event and the protocol that governs it.


Slower and more ceremonial events, with a certain dress code, tend towards more leisurely and regulated formats. On the other hand, more dynamic events allow for greater freedom. Let's not forget that our topic is "Event Catering: How to Connect with the Audience." And to connect, people need to be comfortable and in harmony with the environment, in content and form.


Be sustainable


Fortunately, it's something that the public values and demands. We say 'fortunately' because the gratitude with which the sustainable message is received by an increasingly aware audience allows us, as strong advocates for the application of sustainable criteria to event organization, to silence the critical voices that try to portray as greenwashing a genuine and very positive movement for all of us.


And remember that when it comes to catering, all three pillars of sustainable action can be addressed simultaneously. Because it's not just about reducing single-use packaging, but also about embracing circular economy and locally sourced products, and furthermore creating job opportunities for vulnerable groups.


And finally, let the professionals do their job. It's great to participate in all phases of the process, ensure that the message you want to convey is communicated well, and polish every detail. But it's also important to go with the flow of suggestions and trust in proposals that work.

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