How to organize a launch for brand promotion

How to organize a launch for brand promotion

As loyal followers of this blog, you might already know that there are no magic recipes or exhaustive checklists that would guarantee the success of an event. And launches are no exception. That's why, when we're asked about how to organize a launch for brand promotion, the only thing we know for sure is that each case is unique. However, in this article, we will still try to identify those key points that should be taken into account when organizing a launch.

Strategic Approach

Every brand, product, or service lives in its own universe. With its own audience, competitors, rules, communication style, ethical code, and even internal memes. Hence, each of them has its own unique situation. But what they have in common is the question that those responsible for the future launch should ask themselves. And this question is: What do we want to achieve? To put ourselves on the map or follow a consolidated trajectory? Maximum impact or low profile? Image or sales?... Once we know that, we already have the general outline to clarify the next steps.

Pre-communication and Convo

No matter how big or small our event is, we need to invite the most relevant audiences. And it is very important to do the right way. If our product, service, or brand has sufficient appeal on its own due to its characteristics and previous record (like consumer goods, technology, fashion collaborations, etc.), a few teasers here and there on social media would be enough to guarantee attendance. However, an extra effort is usually needed to ensure that those audiences that best suit our strategic objectives attend our launch.

In this case, we could divide the audiences into two main groups. Those who are invited through mass channels, such as social media, television, or radio. To a certain extent, influencers are also a mass channel, but we’ll talk about this particular case later. And those who require a more personalized and, perhaps, more creative invitation, such as the media, because it’s advisable to establish a closer and more constructive relationship with them, as we expect their informational support of our launch.

Design of an exclusive and spectacular space for launching a new fragrance by Chanel.

Venue is not everything, but it's nearly so

Getting married on a deserted beach, in a Las Vegas casino, or in a town hall are three very different experiences, each memorable in its own way. Similarly, a launch is a unique moment in which the venue plays its role. It has to add on and build up, being in harmony with the product, service, or brand that is launched.

Choose highest floors of a skyscraper for a "top experience", an eco-environment if your goal is to convey sustainability, the baroque style of a palace or the minimalism of a modern art museum if that's what your strategy calls for... Yes, perhaps, these examples are too obvious, but what we want to say is that you need to play with the venue concept. You need to seek contrast and impact, be creative and unconventional… But above all, your options must make sense and build up to offer a truly memorable experience.

Influencers: yes or no

Just a decade ago, we would have had the same dilemma about inviting a celebrity to our event. But things have changed, and very quickly. While the big names on the social network with the camera-shaped logo have become too pricy (only affordable for elevated budgets), micro-influencers, with up to 10K followers, can exponentially increase the attendance rates and the actual reach of the launch. And with a more than reasonable initial investment. And we say this with special attention to another social network (yes, the one that started with dancing people) that has become the main, if not the only, search engine of for the Gen Z about almost any topic, from urban plans to the latest news in products and services.

Launch of a new Seat model.

Being creative equals being remembered

Time and again we speak about the importance of seeking unconventional ways and forms to win the minds and hearts of our audiences. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important things about how to organize a successful launch for brand promotion. We have already mentioned it when speaking about venue and convo. But the creativity must be present in everything to provide consistency and its own identity to the event. Everything, from graphic design to the stage setup and venue decoration, presenters and spokespersons, audiovisual content, leisure activities, catering, gifts, etc.... Everything must build up to turn your launch into a memorable event for the attendees.

Think green, act green, and communicate it

And finally, sustainable thinking has never been more present in the event industry than it is today. This is partly due to the growing awareness of the importance of corporate responsibility. But it also meets the demand of consumers who are increasingly uncomfortable with polluting or discriminatory practices. Therefore, being sustainable is not only good per se, but it can also become a valuable communication asset if managed appropriately. If your activity has a positive impact, it's good for your audience to know it.

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