Stand design, production and construction of designer stand, modular and Booths with the Aluvision modular stand system. Our experienced team produces complete large-format fairs with ephemeral architecture and custom designsin carpentry, metal, graphics and textiles. We stand out in the competition for both our aesthetic and our functionality. Our experienced team guarantees high quality results for the fair assembly.

Free Designed Stands

Creativity without limitations

Free design stands are the best opportunity to stand out in an exhibition hall saturated with information. Your brand should be differentiated and catch the attention of the visitor at a first glance. Our designers strive to design innovative, eye-catching and always elegant projects tailored to the image of your brand, the type of event in which you participate, your tastes, needs and budget. Our designers and architects have extensive experience and creative resources, they form a team that embraces different styles and tastes.

We master the old and new materials to achieve the perfect finishes. Wood, metal, aluminum, fabric, methacrylate … are part of our catalog and we apply them to our designs to achieve that notoriety that you are looking for with all security.

We focus on every detail, from the floors, which can shine with pallets or carpeted, to the ceilings, which can literally fly your brand.

We produce the constructive elements in our own studios and an experienced team, able to solve any situation, is in charge of the construction. This is the formula that leads us to success, for our customers and us.

Aluvision Stands

An innovative and rapid system

The Aluvision aluminum frame system is an innovative option for the highly efficient design and construction of stands, both in terms of time and budget. This light and easily transportable material offers infinite possibilities with very short construction times and first quality results, in many cases comparable to those of the design stand. This material is more and more common in fairs throughout Europe and now comes to you in Spain from the hands of 4foreverything, the official partner of Aluvision in our country.

Modular Stands

Aluminium and panels structures

The installation of modular aluminum stands is the most accessible and functional assembly option to have as an exhibitor to a fair, and also offers multiple possibilities when configuring spaces in exhibition halls. You can get from basic and very economical designs to more modern and striking results incorporating some additions with other materials and graphics that make the brand notable. We can panel to make enclosures, create areas for catering, warehouses, offices and meeting rooms. We also have showcases, counters and shelves of all kinds to complement your stand. Electrical panel and independent lighting. We have a labeling workshop for graphic customization and a wide catalog of furniture and carpets.

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